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A hungry Pomeranian has become a viral sensation with his very disgruntled protest after his owner tried to put him on a diet.  

Janeiza, from Thailand, shared her prank on Tik Tok, showing what happened when she fed her Pomeranian pup Pao only two dog biscuits. 

The outraged pet could be seen sending his food bowl flying with a discontented growl after he realised he was not getting more food.  

The video exploded online and has been watched more than 19.5 million times.  

Pomeranian pup Pao, from Thailand was outraged when his owner Janeiza put him on a ‘diet’ and only poured two dog biscuits into his bowl

In the short clip, Janeiza, who was filming, emptied a portion of dog food in a plastic cup. 

This looked like the normal portion Pao would be getting for his lunch. 

However, the mischievous dog owner reduced the portion of food up until there was only kibbles left in the cups, which she poured in Pao’s empty food bowl. 

The happy Pomeranian could be seen patiently awaiting his lunch, tongue casually hanging out of his mouth, sitting by his bowl. 

At first, Pao struggled to understand why there was so little food in his bowl, but after realising he would not be getting any more, he threw a fit 

Janeiza filmed herself pouring some dog food kebbles in a plastic glass, but reducing the portion until there were only two left 

At first, the dog did not realise he was being pranked. When he saw the small amount of food Janeiza has poured into his bowl, he looked back at her and stood still, awaiting more. 

However, when the extra food didn’t come, the pup slammed his with his paws, sending it flying in the air, and snarled angrily. 

Meanwhile, Janeiza could be heard giggling uncontrollably. 

The video went viral on Tik Tok, with many loving the amount of attitude Pao was giving to his owner. 

Some also said they could not stop laughing at how quickly the Pomeranian became filled with rage. 

‘The way he slowly looked up is sending me in oblivion.’ one said.  

‘I’m dying I can’t breathe,’ said another. 

 ‘The way his soul was slowly filled with rage.’ observed another. 

 ‘Pao: aree youu jokingg humannn,’ one joked. 

‘I’ve never seen so much attitude,’ one wrote. 

An angry Pao sniffed at his empty food bowl after he few it across the hall in a fit of rage during the prank

People loved the video, which was shared on Tik Tok and quickly went viral, after gathering 19.5 million viewers 

Angry pup sends his food bowl flying after she tried to put him on a ‘diet’ 

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